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eSportsReputation GmbH (eSR)

eSportsReputation GmbH - with Headquarters in Berlin/Germany and offices in Hamburg, Kiel, Zurich, Lisbon, New Delhi/India, Sao Paolo/Brazil, Tokio/Japan and Abidjan/Ivory Coast - is one of the world’s leading agencies for eAthletes, especially in FIFA-eSports and eFootball.

eSR offers more than 20 years of experienced expertise in eSports and puts it’s focus on consulting, relaying and marketing of eFootball athletes as well as the consultancy of clubs, companies and eSports clans. eSR is setting standards in creating and developing guided Social Media activities (Instagram, Twitch.TV, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook).

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What we love to do

Consultation, relaying and marketing of eAthletes as well as consulting clubs and companies. Including all associated Social Media plans and realizations on all important platforms.

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Our Service

We are consulting, relaying, coaching and marketing the world’s best FIFA-eAthletes and eFootballers. At the moment about 70 eFootball players from Europe, Asia, North- and South-America, Africa and Ociania trust in us.

Active and former World Champions, European Champions, Asien Champions and National Champions belong to our portfolio.

We handle transfers and negotiations for our players with clubs and eSports clans. We are coaching and supporting them with their careers and with professional, academic or other subjects.

We are constantly scouting the best newcomers and talents worldwide.

We acquire clubs, eSports-organizations, sponsors and appearances at events as well as in public media for our players. We manage their brand building and social media appearances.

Consulting of clubs and eSport clans

Already years ago together with Schalke 04 we established one of the first ever FIFA teams of a big football club. Today we work closely with clubs like Manchester City. Since mid 2020 we are exclusive eFootball partner of Borussia Dortmund. Together with BVB we are responsible for the whole eFootball project of the club. Our experienced coaches develop BVB’s eFootball talents, we organize the game operations and plan and execute the unprecedented Social Media eFootball project of such a huge football club.

25 of our players are representing a football club in the German Virtual Bundesliga, so eSR is present in the clubs of the Bundesliga. We also support the eSports departments of other Bundesliga clubs.

We launched and established the FIFA team „M10“ of football star Mesut Özil. Since 2020 we support the german national goalkeeper Bernd Leno (Arsenal F.C.) with launching and maintaining his team „Leno eSports“.

Our eSports athletes play for international teams like Gareth Bale’s (Tottenham Hotspurs) eSports club „Ellevens“ and César Azpilicueta’s (FC Chelsea) team „Falcons“.

In autumn of 2019 we launched and developed the Russian FIFA eSports team „TUNDRA“ with the 2018 World Champion MSDossary (Saudi-Arabia) and players from Russia, New Zealand and Poland.

We maintain close cooperations with famous and successful eSports clans who’s focus used to be on other games like League of Legends or Counter Strike. We developed the FIFA project „Future FC“ (now Astralis FIFA) for the danish eSports organization Astralis Group. We also work together with the german eSports organization Unicorns of Love and develop interesting eSports projects. We hold players and the Head-Coach for the leading Israeli eSports Organisaion „NOM-Gaming“.

We coach and support Stephanie da Silva Santos, the world’s best female FIFA athlete from Brazil. And we are proud that we discovered and support our eSRfamily member Niklas „nik_lugi“ Luginsland (Leno eSports), who is by now an icon of eSport athletes with physical handicaps.

To sum it up: We offer professional consulting and operational realization for clubs and clans on how to enter the world of eSports or the development of their eSports activities. We work out the strategy and we realize it - on demand, we connect the team with suitable talents, experienced eFootball athletes and the best FIFA coaches. Our exceptional expertise in planning and realizing the accompanying Social Media appearances on all relevant platforms creates a high acceptance of the eFootball activities and brings clubs and eSports organizations opportunities for monetizations.

Consulting of Companies and Federations

eSports and eFootball are becoming more and more the focus of companies, brands and federations worldwide. We are happy to help them developing tailor made strategies, concepts and realizations for the entry or extension of their eSports activities.

Our worldwide eSports connections, international sports networks and contacts to publishers, politicians and media deciders are creating unique additional values.

On demand clubs, companies or associations who work with us can gain access to our complete players portfolio from 30 countries all over the world.

Regardless whether companies want to address their clients in Germany, the german speaking regions or in Europe, USA and Canada, South America, Africa, China, Korea, India or the Arabic World with the help of eSports, we are willing to help in a professional way. A core element and tool for that are target group oriented Social Media activities with content on all relevant platforms (especially Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook).


André Heitzmann

Executive Partner

Reinhard Heitzmann

Managing Director Finances & Strategy (Co-Founder)

Joscha Daniel

Hamburg Manager Marketing & Sales

Joshua Begehr

Kiel Co-Founder & Consultant, Former World & European Champion

Marc Heitzmann

Berlin Office Manager

Silvia Tieke

Berlin Finance

Stefan Gajduk

Berlin Head of Sports

Andrés Torres

Wien Players Management & Social Media

Finn-Luca Mettau

Hannover Social Media/Twitch/Streaming

Metuschela Angie Odie

Ivory Coast International Scouting & Country Manager Africa

João Carlos Brito Gomes

Brazil Country Manager Brazil, Video Artist

Miguel Dinis

Portugal Country Manager Portugal

Rico Hölzel

Switzerland Country Manager Switzerland

Dirdur Designs

Tel Aviv Graphic design


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